sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Euler on Barranc de Biniaraix

The year 2007, celebrating the year Euler, the Mathematical Society of the Balearic Islands made the 1707th step from Ravine Biniaraix a stone with Euler's Identity.

(Information and photos donated by the Society of Mathematics of the Balearic Islands SBM-XEIX)

Louvre Pyramid

It is a large glass and metal pyramid, surrounded by three smaller ones, in the courtyard of the Musée du Louvre. For a square base with side 2, the altitude is √φ.

Arago Medallions

The Paris Meridian Line lost out to Greenwich as the Prime or Zero Meridian, the datum for all measurements of longitude. It was established in 1667 and revised/extended several times, most famously by François Arago. To commemorate Arago an 'invisible monument' was created by Dutch artist, Jan Dibbets, in 1994/95. Ostensibly it consists of 135 bronze medallions.

Mathematical Bridge

A wooden bridge across the River Cam, between two parts of Queens' College, Cambridge.

Church on Bled Island

There are 99 stairs to Bled Island and there is a legend that a groom needs to carry his bride all the way up and they will have a happy in good solid marriage.

Geometric Center of Slovenia

An enlarged copy of the Vače Situla, a figuratively decorated bronze ceremonial vessel found here, close by is also a monument that marks the geometric center of Slovenia

Tomb of Archimedes

The so-called Tomb of Arquimedes was discovered by Cicero in a visit to Syracuse at the island of Sicily. He recognized the tomb because it had an inscription of a sphere inscribed in a cylinder. In the Necropolis of Grotticelli, but known to be of Roman origin dating at least two centuries after the death of Archimedes.

Archenhold Observatory

A bronze statue of Archimedes at the Archenhold Observatory in Berlin.

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Meridian in Sa Dragonera

Paris meridian line that has been placed in the Natural Park of the island of Sa Dragonera (West of Mallorca) to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the François Arago's work of triangulation between Mallorca, Eivissa i Formentera.

(Information and photos donated by the Society of Mathematics of the Balearic Islands SBM-XEIX)

Lielvardes belt

The belt of Lielvarde is a woven ornamental belt with 22 ancient symbols that has become a symbol of latvian national identity. According to some experts, the pattern of the belt contains the code of the universe. It has some connection with another cultures: India, Tibet and Mexico with the Inca civilization.